Northern Earth

Jamie is currently shadowing the Editor-in-Chief of Northern Earth magazine, with a view to take over the role in 2018. He is on the lookout for like-minded people who might be interested in joining his team or contributing to the magazine in some way.

Northern Earth takes a broad-based ‘earth mysteries’ or neo-antiquarian approach, looking at historical and contemporary cultural and geographical environments free from agendas or beliefs.

Our topic area includes megalithic sites, alignments, sacred landscapes, other landscape issues, folklore & tradition, esoteric traditions, strange phenomena and other aspects at the interface of human consciousness and the land from prehistory to the present…

We have been covering these areas for over thirty years, since our inception in an upstairs room in a Leeds pub in 1979! Today, we are the world’s longest established voice in our particular field, offering distinct and unorthodox perspectives without relinquishing the standard requirements for reliable research and discussion.

We are also more than a journal, more than a website; from our very beginnings we have been organising field trips, conferences and other gatherings where readers can make contacts with other like-minded people and, we hope, feel part of an extended family of interests.