An original nineteenth century illustration from the British Library archives. A matriarch Indian elephant leads the herd to water.

Why Thought Leadership Content Writing is so Valuable

The best thought leadership content can set a business apart from competitors by positioning it as a voice of authority in a particular field or industry. Individual business owners and directors, as well as companies and brands, can all benefit from well-researched and professionally written thought leadership content.

An image of the scene of Socrates' Death, scanned from archive text in the British Library archives

Philosophical Marketing: What can Plato’s Republic teach us about marketing?

The world turns on stories, from the story of what money means to the story of what time it is and how we measure it. My theory of storytelling in marketing starts in Ancient Greece. In this post, I will discuss how Plato’s Tripartite Theory of the Soul can be used as a framework to help marketeers reach customers in a more meaningful way.