This short film script won the IdeasTap Shorts award in 2015. Chosen from over 430 entries, the script received development notes from Keith Dando, course leader of MA Filmmaking at the Northern Film School.

“A widower struggling to contain an adder infestation on his farm takes his only daughter to university on the day she leaves home.”

Opening with a farmer stamping on a nest of snake eggs in his field at dawn, this short film uses visual metaphor and folklore to explore the emotional complexity of a simple moment in a parent’s life; a child leaving home. A moment all the more powerful for the father’s isolation and widower status.

Jamie is currently trying to raise the budget and put together a team to make the film. If you are interested in being part of the project, do get in touch and tell us how you might like to be involved: Jamie [at] thisisjamierhodes [dot] com