Writers’ Guild

The Writer’s Guild of Great Britain is the trade union for writers of all crafts working in the UK. Jamie was recently appointed Co Chair of the Guild’s London & SE regional committee alongside talented theatre writer and director, Poppy Corbett. Together they work to plan events and create opportunities, whilst acting as a voice for London & SE writers on the Guild’s Executive Council. You can be part of the writers’ trade union by joining the Guild here.

“I joined the Writers’ Guild because as a lone writer trying to navigate the treacherous path to forge a sustainable writing career, it is vital to have the backing of larger organisations. The Guild is my trade union, they are the experts I turn to for industry advice, and all writers – members or not – benefit from the work they do in making sure writers are paid correctly and treated fairly. Through their events and training the Guild also enables writers to connect with fellow professionals, facilitating the building of a strong contact network. They work incredibly hard to support writers at every stage of their career.

“I feel the more you put into something the more you get out, and I’ve always approached the Guild with this in mind. I began by volunteering on the East Midlands Committee in 2010, and then upon moving to London in 2013 I joined the London & South East Committee. The contacts I have made through being an active Guild member have been instrumental in my professional development, and having the power of my trade union behind me provides a weight of validation, causing grant-giving organisations and industry gatekeepers to take notice of my projects and ambitions.

“I am proud to have reached the stage in my career where I can offer something substantial back to the Guild. They’ve been at my side from the very beginning and now, together with my talented Co-Chair Poppy Corbett, I want to continue the brilliant work of my predecessor, Piers Beckley, by increasing the Guild’s capacity in the London & South East region and being a direct link between London & South East writers and the Executive Council of our trade union.”

If you are a Guild member and are interested in having a seat on the regional committee to support Jamie and Poppy, do get in touch.